Adtran adds GTE to list of ISDN customers: carrier cites need to ‘extend the local loop.’

Adtran adds GTE to list of ISDN customers: carrier cites need to ‘extend the local loop.’ – Integrated Services Digital Network

Wayne Carter

Carrier cites need to `extend the local loop’

While much of the high-speed access buzz these days centers around digital subscriber line technologies, ISDN got a vote of confidence from a major carrier last week. Huntsville, Ala.-based Adtran announced that GTE will deploy Adtran’s Total Reach ISDN system throughout its nationwide network. The Total Reach ISDN platform will allow GTE to extend the reach of its existing ISDN service areas, said Ken Lewis, GTE’s senior group product manager for advanced voice products.

“It gives us the capability to provide a lower-cost solution for customers in more remote areas, to extend the local loop,” Lewis said.

While the company is also developing its Total Reach line to include DSL and other high-speed bit rates, it expects continued demand for the ISDN platform, said Tom Stanton, Adtran’s Telco Marketing vice president. Although DSL may be important for the future of high-speed access, it’s not widely available to customers, he said.

“Today and for the near-term future, ISDN is the only way customers can reliably get high-speed data,” he said.

GTE won’t be the first major carrier to deploy the product–Pacific Bell and BellSouth already have signed on to use Total Reach ISDN–but Stanton said GTE’s reach makes it a crucial customer.

Lewis said GTE believes a key for success with ISDN service is making it easier for customers to order it and for service providers to provision it–two objectives it hopes to accomplish with Total Reach.

“We see an excitement about ISDN that’s going to drive units and revenue up,” he said.

GTE does not have a master plan for roiling out Total Reach nationally A spokesman said deployment will be heavily dependent on equipment investment decisions made at regional levels.

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