-REVIEW:The power of Intranets

-REVIEW:The power of Intranets – Review

TELECOMWORLDWIRE–(C) 1994-9 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD PRODUCT:The power of Intranets PLATFORM:N/A SUPPLIER:Microsoft Press PRICE:GBP27.99 ISBN:0-7356-0641-2 The Power of Intranets aims to show you the possibilities that having an Intranet creates for your company and also how to create it using Microsoft office 2000 and Frontpage 2000.

Generally the layout is good with lots of screen shots helping to break down the text into smaller sections as well as helping to explain things. It goes into depth to describe goals that having an intranet could help you to achieve as well as how to go about producing and managing one.

I found the content of the text to be of a reasonably basic standard to the point that a complete novice should be able to glean something from it. The index was accurate and comprehensive making referencing easy. The only problem I had with was that the book was maybe a little long considering the overall amount of inormation it contained. I found it tended to drag on a bit. It is definately more of a manual for placing next to your keyboard when playing with the applications involved rather than a read-through.

The book comprises four parts, each covering a more complicated topic than the preceding one. Starting at the basics of using Office 2000 for web design it offers an overview of both what an intranet is and how you can use the Micrsosoft applications to produce one. It moves on quite slowly to explain how to search the net (web and intranet) for information, how to produce and store documents on the web site and how to use the applications to make the documents and site in general to look better. The second part looks at database integration for the intranet and discusses more complex subjects relating to data access and spreadsheet publishing. The third section examines management and template usage to make the whole site consistent while the final section helps you keep out unwanted visitors with security solutions.

The index is quite sufficient and clear but I believe that most people will probably use the split contents listing to find what they are after.

In my opinion this book is well laid out and informative. It manages to successfully explain all of the topics it aims to cover in a reasonable fashion. It does not go to in depth into the subject and is therefore able to avoid the worst of the Techno Jargon.

CONCLUSION: A well thought out book, If you’re tempted to produce an intranet I definitely recommend a look at this book. Review by Rhys Walbyoff.


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