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The power of virtual teams – Brief Article

The power of virtual teams – Brief Article – Column

Bob Hagerty

It’s official: there is more business time in the US now spent in voice, Web, and video conferences than in conventional `in-person’ meetings. * And other territories are not far behind, as more and more business executives deem these speedy, productivity-enhancing means of communications to be mission critical in today’s pressure-cooker business climate. With so much time being spent in “virtual” conferencing and collaboration, it’s our goal at Polycom to enhance the experience and increase its usefulness.

When video conferencing was out of favour, we revolutionised the industry by helping our customers make the best connections, the first time, every time, in the easiest, most affordable way. And now that we’ve helped convince them that video conferencing is a good thing, our new aim is to make it an everyday experience, and one that may even be better than meeting in person.

That means going beyond the idea that a conference or collaboration session is necessarily an `event’. Sure, some video-based meetings will be more important than others, but many will soon become so common-place you’ll hardly notice you’re participating in them.

Moving `beyond the video conference’ means developing pervasive conferencing and collaboration systems and tools to match the pervasive computing and networking that enable it. It means much more than just putting faces on screens. We hope this new and updated edition of our Pocket Guide to Conferencing and Collaboration will provide a useful, clear explanation of what conferencing and collaboration is today and what it can do for your business whether you are a current or potential user or a service provider.

Join us for the exciting next generation of conferencing and collaboration, and discover the power of virtual teams.


Bob Hagerty CEO of Polycom

* Source: Wainhouse Research

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