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The new-generation switch—C&C08 EV

The new-generation switch—C&C08 EV

As next-generation networks (NGNs) mature, more and more service providers will migrate toward this architecture of the future. An approach based on evolutionary products and services will ensure a smooth transition with legacy voice networks and operations support systems rather than require a complete replacement of the existing PSTN infrastructure in the short term. The Huawei C&C08 EV is designed to meet this requirement. Employing the C&C08 EV, service providers can handle both TDM and voice-over-packet traffic in an NGN architecture.

NGN-enabled structure

An advanced NGN-enabled structure that fully meets future requirements, the C&C08 EV provides both PSTN and NGN services, enabling service operators to fully utilize existing legacy network assets while greatly reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

The new switch is an enhanced version of the C&C08–of which more than 1.3 billion lines have been put into application in more than 50 countries and regions due to its stability and abundant services. The new switch inherits the flexible networking and TDM services of the C&C08, but with a higher capacity of two-million subscriber lines/360,000 trunks, enhanced performance (16,000,000 BHCA), improved integration (100,000 trunks in three racks) and a MTBF of 43 years.

At the same time, it supports protocols like SS7, R2, V5, NO.5, PRA, INAP, H.248/ MGCP, SIP / SIP-T, H.323, SIGTRAN and RADIUS.

More importantly, by deploying the C&C08 EV service providers can offer both C4 and C5 applications. For C4 applications, the C&C08 EV uses an IP core network to help the CLEC build the network quickly. With this approach, both data service and voice service can be operated simultaneously, thereby achieving significant cost saving in investment and maintenance.

The switch can also be used in NGNs over TDM, which means all the TDM transmissions can be inherited and the existing investment can be fully reused.

Meanwhile, service providers can easily and quickly deploy NGNs with an IP core by adding only an FE/GE interface to the C&C08 EV.

For C5 applications, the C&C08 EV provides a V5.2 interface to access existing subscribers. When there is a C&C08 EV in the existing network, all the subscriber access modules like RSA, SM, RSM and ESM can be inter-connected with the C&C08 EV, thus guaranteeing a smooth evolution of PSTN to NGN.

The C&C08 EV also supports MGCP, H.248 and SIP protocols to access different terminals like IAD, PC phone and AMG, which enables service providers to deliver a wide variety of advanced services like multimedia features to their customers.

By adopting the newly developed technology to construct the softswitch core, the C&C08 EV also allows service providers to easily keep up with new technologies, without the limitation of the structure of existing TDM switches, thereby protecting existing investment while deploying NGN technologies.

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