Philips and Sony to jointly develop NFC technology

Philips and Sony to jointly develop NFC technology – Premiere: latest products and services

Fiona Chau

Royal Philips Electronics and Sony Corporation have agreed to jointly develop a new near field radio-frequency communication technology, Near Field Communication (NFC).

The technology enables short-range communication networks between consumer devices incorporating a NFC interface.

It will operate on 13.56 MHz and allow the transfer of any kind of data between NFC-enabled devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras and PDA’s as well as to PC’s, laptops, game consoles or PC peripherals, across a distance of up to 20 centimeters and at communication speeds of up to 212 kpbs.

Philips and Sony will promote the NFC technology as an open standard in order to integrate it into consumer devices, the two companies said.

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