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Line-connected equipment suppressors

Line-connected equipment suppressors

AC Data Systems’ family of line suppressors provides protection for switches, PBX equipment, channel service units, time slot shifters, modems, automatic teller machines, dial-up interface devices and other line-connected equipment.

The telco, data, [T.sub.1] and [E.sub.1] line suppressors protect equipment from transient voltage spikes that can be induced by AC arcing by connected equipment that may generate voltage transients.

The suppressors also prevent equipment from interrupted communications, hardware damage and data loss by utilizing the non-degrading benefits of silicon avalanche diode (SAD) protection, which is supplemented with gas tubes for higher energy handling in specific products.

The units provide protection for tip-to-ring (normal mode), as well as tip-to-ground and ring-to-ground (common mode). They are designed for easy connection, and may be hard-wired, “clipped-on” to 66-blocks, or simply plugged in via an R[J.sub.-45] or R[J.sub.-11] jack.

The company will present the suppressors as well as other suppression solutions for AC, DC, integrated load centers and transfer switches at CommunicAsia 2004.

Web site: Booth: Hall 4, Stand 4E3-04


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