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When it comes to IT adoption, you can’t beat the Nordic region–unless you’re Switzerland or the US. This year’s information Society Index from IDC/World Times, which measures and ranks the top IT societies in the world by way of utilization, ranks Sweden at the top of the list, followed by Switzerland. Business as usual, except that Switzerland made the Top 5 for the first time by placing third. The US, which typically places in the top bracket, came in fourth, and Denmark fifth. But where is former third-ranked Finland? Eighth, this year. IDC cites growth slowdowns in broadband and mobile services as a factor. Two Asia-Pacific markets made the Top 10–Australia (9th) and Taiwan (10th).


1. Sweden

2. Norway

3. Switzerland

4. United States

5. Denmark

6. Netherlands

7. UK

8. Finland

9. Australia

10. Taiwan

Source: IDL/World Times Information Society Index, 2002

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