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Implants – Backpage Briefing – telephone tooth implant

Implants – Backpage Briefing – telephone tooth implant – Brief Article

For the cyberpunk who has everything–a telephone implant for your teeth.

No, really. Designed in the UK by James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau, the “telephone tooth” comprises a micro-vibration device and wireless receiver that can be implanted during routine dental surgery. The phone transmits signals up the jaw bone to the inner ear via bone resonance, converting digital signals to audio, according to Australian daily The Age. It’s also a radio, by the way. If you don’t believe us (or The Age), the device is currently on show at the Science Museum in London. Possible uses suggested in The Age include receiving stock market information in the cinema, or as a way for spin-doctors to prompt politicians during interviews. As if they aren’t doing that now.

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