Wireless Information Software Helps Law Enforcement Agencies

Wireless Information Software Helps Law Enforcement Agencies

The officers of Washington State’s Department of Fish and Wildlife now can connect instantly with state and national law enforcement databases using Info-Cop’s advanced wireless information software for law enforcement and emergency response agencies.

In today’s environment of increased Homeland Security concerns and tightening fiscal constraints, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, like many agencies, faced the challenge of providing officers with tools to help them be more efficient while better protecting the safety and integrity of the areas they oversee. A COPSMore grant from the U.S. Department of Justice provided funding to allow the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to purchase the Info-Cop software, which will give officers more time on patrol and improve safety by providing information that officers need, when they need it.

Implemented in late June, the Info-Cop system uses multiple wireless technologies to connect 142 officers across the state to local, state and national databases, along with the real-time information-sharing database for all Info-Cop users.

“Today, officers can run data inquiries without having to use voice radio, and get more information back from their search,” said Chief Bruce Bjork of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Program. “We can track officers’ locations via status screens, and officers can communicate back and forth using the chat feature, without the chatter of the radio and with increased security and confidentiality.”

Benefits of Info-Cop over competitive offerings include the following:

– Nationwide information sharing.

– Unparalleled customer service and support.

– No codes to remember.

– No formatting required.

– Support for multiple CAD interfaces.

– Parsing and summarizing of response data for quick, on-the-spot assessments.

– Multiple queries with one submission.

“With the Info-Cop system now in place, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has joined the nation’s most advanced law enforcement agencies in leading the effort of interoperability,” said Charley Wall, vice president of Info-Cop. “We worked with Fish and Wildlife to deploy a flexible solution to meet the needs of the department and provide the grounds for a long-term partnership through our customer service and support.”

As the number of Info-Cop users grows, the system’s usefulness increases, because Info-Cop allows all its nationwide users access to an Info-Cop database where users create real-time records for other public safety departments to view. Hundreds of public safety agencies in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington currently use Info-Cop software.

Info-Cop’s cross-platform functionality is highly adaptable, providing the ability to make a seamless connection to any potential partner department using any IP-based network including conventional radio frequencies and advanced 1XRTT, EVDO GPRS, EDGE 802.11 and CDPD networks.

About Info-Cop

Info-Cop was created by a team of professionals in 2001 and has been quickly and successfully deployed by hundreds of law enforcement and emergency response agencies.

For more information, call 303/417-6303 or visit http://www.info-cop.com.

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