Vista Line Turns Data Into Personalized Direct Response Tools – DataInsight’s Vista product line

Vista Line Turns Data Into Personalized Direct Response Tools – DataInsight’s Vista product line – Product Announcement

DataInsight, a Colorado-based on-line and off-line database marketing systems provider, has introduced a new product line to help e-commerce businesses turn Internet data into individualized direct response tools, allowing for more personal relationships with customers.

DataInsight’s Vista product line allows e-tailers to sort through all of the information collected from on-line shoppers while distinguishing individuals and capitalizing on shopping patterns. It also enables businesses to provide a personal touch in today’s digital world by creating customized messages sent back to customers via e-mail or the Internet.

“Imagine you’re a toy company doing millions of dollars of business during this holiday season,” said Steve Helle, founder and CEO of DataInsight. “Then, imagine the lost future opportunities to market to these customers, if you don’t also capture and capitalize on the information your new customers provide,” he said.

Consumers are spending billions of dollars shopping on the Internet this holiday season. According to research firm, Dataquest Inc., on-line sales during the 1999 season will triple over last year, reaching $12.2 billion. Jupiter Communications, another research firm, estimates there will be 56 million new Internet shoppers over the next four years.

While all of these Web site visitors are shopping, e-tailers are given valuable marketing data, such as names and addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, genders, ages, product preferences and more. However, many companies do not collect all of this information for future utilization.

“That’s where our technology fits in. We capture all the data customers provide through the Internet — or through any conventional source — and place it into a sophisticated information system providing companies the means to analyze consumer behavior, develop and execute tailored marketing offerings, as well as track responses, in on-line and off-line environments,” Helle said. “We developed our database management tools to meet the growing demand for coordinating and leveraging the immense amount of information being collected on the Internet, especially during the high-volume holiday season.”

DataInsight’s Vista product line, including VistaElite(TM), eVista(TM) and GeneVista(TM), offers a number of applications for companies faced with heightened competitive pressures, massive amounts of data and a need to manage one-to-one customer relationships.

“Now, picture the same toy company using our products,” added Helle. “During the holidays, this company could collect data about all the consumers who are accessing their Web site. Not only could they use the information to send shoppers messages after the holidays, but also to let them know in advance about new toys the customers may desire or to offer product discounts.”

About DataInsight

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Golden, Colo., DataInsight provides its clients with a competitive advantage by maximizing their return on investment with database marketing tools. DataInsight clients include catalog companies, the financial services industry, telecommunications companies, retail businesses, direct e-mail companies, Internet marketing and advertising firms, application service providers and data providers.

DataInsight designs, develops and maintains integrated database marketing systems that facilitate better decision-making and allow one-to-one interaction with the customer. By integrating customer information gained from both on-line and off-line sources, DataInsight adds power and depth to new economy marketing campaigns.

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