Police And Fire Officials Increase Performance W/ Imc Software

Police And Fire Officials Increase Performance W/ Imc Software – with Pervssive Software’s Pervasive.SQL 8.0

Pervasive Software(R) Inc . (NASDAQ:PVSW), a provider of data-management solutions powering the success of application developers worldwide, has announced that Information Management Corporation (IMC), Grafton, Mass., has upgraded its public safety software to the Pervasive.SQL(TM) V8 database and all new shipments will allow end users to immediately harness the increased performance and functionality found in V8.

Developed over a decade ago on Btrieve(TM), predecessor to Pervasive.SQL, IMC’s applications depend on the high-reliability and low-administration requirements of the powerful database from Pervasive. IMC supplies more than 500 state and local police, fire and sheriff departments across the nation with software to preserve and manage vital public safety data and resources .

“Our customers work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and must have every confidence that the software they use and database on which it is built will per form at the highest possible level,” said Bernie Noe, president of IMC. “The Pervasive database does a great job for us and is completely seamless to our customers. The majority of our customers do not have dedicated IT departments, so we try to manage the software upgrades and releases as painlessly as possible. Our partnership with Pervasive makes that feasible.”

The combined technology from IMC and Pervasive helps deliver public safety professionals with rock-solid stability, ease of use and seamless data integration. These users expect and need the reliability and security Pervasive.SQL provides to their data when they share dispatch information, log incident reports, access criminal files and use geographic mapping tools. The applications from IMC, including Police and Fire Dispatch Software, Fire Records Software, Police Records Software, Sheriff Software and Administrative Software are currently the systems of choice in a number of states nationwide.

“The Pervasive database is the strength behind a number of mission-critical applications, but we are particularly proud to add value to a tool used by the police and fire officials who serve our communities,” said Suaad Sait. “When speed counts and critical data is in the mix, the true performance advantages of using applications powered by Pervasive. SQL are realized.”

About Information Management Corporation

IMC is a public safety software company that supplies state and local police, fire and sheriff departments with CAD/records software. Additionally, IMC provides software for imaging, field reporting, mapping, as well as tracking budgets and keeping officer training and medical records.

For more information, visit http://www.imcus.com.

About Pervasive Software

Pervasive Software is a leading global data-management company powering the success of application developers by providing solutions that deliver the industry’s best combination of performance, reliability and low administration costs. Pervasive’s strength is evidenced by the size and diversity of its customer base, serving tens of thousands of customers with hundreds of thousands of end-users in nearly every vertical market around the world. Founded in 1994, Pervasive sells its products into more than 150 countries and is based in Austin, Texas, with offices in Europe.

For more information, visit http://www.pervasive.com. or call 512/231-6033.

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