Ibm’s Db2 Version 8 Offers 438 New Features

Ibm’s Db2 Version 8 Offers 438 New Features

SuSE Linux, Oakland, Calif., the international Open Source technology leader and solutions provider, has announced that the SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) has proved itself as a powerful Linux platform for IBM`s DB2 Version 8 database software with SLES latest certification for DB2.

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server is the first distribution to be validated on all hardware platforms supported by DB2 for Linux (including IBM zSeries mainframes) and validated to run DB2 Enterprise Server Edition. SuSE`s success story of enterprise products builds on the validated distributions, including SLES 7, SLES 8 on Intel 32 and 64 bit, and SLES 7 on zSeries (and SLES 8 on zSeries when available). SuSE Linux assures enterprise customers running database workloads in a tested Linux environment. SLES is a proven Enterprise Solution and one of the most secure, affordable and reliable operating systems in the world.

“IBM’s DB2 database software is a leader in database scalability, reliability, multimedia extensibility, and Web enablement needed for the most demanding e-business applications,” said Boris Nalbach, CTO SuSE Linux AG. “This latest validation is proof of the successful cooperation between IBM and SuSE and our determination to deliver Linux-based Enterprise Solutions for the data center.”

“IBM is committed to support the efforts of SuSE and UnitedLinux partners to enhance the scalability and reliability of Linux for the enterprise,” said Lauren Flaherty, vice president of marketing, IBM Data Management Solutions. “The combination of DB2 and SuSE Linux enables enterprise customers to easily deploy both products right out of the box, delivering a powerful solution that generates a quick return on investment and lowers the total of cost of computing.”

With 2400 employees and an annual turnover of 360 million Euro, Triaton is one of Germany’s biggest producer-independent system sellers. Triaton uses the combination of SuSE Linux Enterprise Server with DB2. “We adapt the multi-platform and scalability database to different client needs within the data-warehouse field,” explained Wolfgang Schlippes-Thiede, Operational manager, Applications & Databases at Triaton. “Depending on the client’s needs, we use the DB2 and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server on smaller IA32 and IA64 server as well as on IBM mainframe S/390 or zSeries. SuSE Linux Enterprise Server offers an attractive price as well as a reliable platform that is supported by the majority of hardware and software manufacturers. SuSE ensures operational reliability and investment security for us and our clients.”

IBM’s DB2 Version 8 offers customers 438 new features including new self-managing capabilities, breakthrough performance and business intelligence features and unprecedented high availability functionality. IBM and SuSE collaborate and execute on hundreds of tests within IBM’s DB2 for Linux Validation Program to harden the Linux kernel. IBM’s validation program highlights the company’s commitment to the Linux community, providing a comprehensive test environment to deliver real-world value with Linux technology.

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The SuSE Linux Enterprise Server

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server comes with an unprecedented full-service offer of unmatched quality. Release cycles of one year guarantee long term planning security. Combined with the ongoing system development and integrated maintenance of the respective release for a period adapted to customer needs, SuSE ensures investment security, thus meeting the IT requirements of medium-scale businesses as well as large-scale enterprise computing.

The integrated maintenance makes sure that SuSE Linux Enterprise Server is always in an up-to-date, stable, and tested state. Within the scope of the SuSE Linux Enterprise Server maintenance, SuSE delivers all required patches, fixes and updates in a tested, quality-assured, and well-documented state. This makes sure that the operating system basis SuSE Linux is always as secure and powerful as on the day it was first installed.

About SuSE Linux

SuSE Linux is the international technology leader and solutions provider in Open Source operating system software. SuSE’s unique expertise in Linux and its largest worldwide development team dedicated to Open Source software has contributed to the recognition of SuSE as the most complete Linux solution available today. SuSE Linux is a privately held company focused entirely on supporting the Linux community and Open Source development.

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