Goware And Momcentral Launch Mobilemom

Goware And Momcentral Launch Mobilemom

GoWare, Inc. (http://www.goware.biz/), the creators of DoMo HomePage, an innovative solution for creating a personalized home page for mobile device users, and MomCentral (http://www.momcentral.com/) a Website that offers home, organizational, and parenting expertise to simplify life for busy Moms, have launched MobileMom. MobileMom gives Moms a practical solution to help organize and manage their busy lives by keeping them connected, via cell phone, to Websites, documents, and programs essential to keeping their lives running smoothly, such as schedules, to-do lists, grocery lists, photos, documents, and online services, when they are away from home and their computer.

In today’s age of fast-paced technology, Moms are often thought to be late adopters of what’s new. However, a recent study conducted by Mom Central Consulting and GoWare shows some surprising findings about Moms and cell phone usage. Moms are, in fact, not behind the times at all. Based on a diverse sampling of over 400 Moms, the survey found that cell phones have become an essential part of the modern Mom’s life, with nearly 90% of Moms stating they have their cell phone on them at all times. A remarkable 78% of Moms would use their phones to access and share documents, photos, music or Websites if they could, and 78% would be interested in checking email through their phone, while 76% would use online calendars and other features for family scheduling. Moreover, 93% of Moms would consider using their cell phones to access their grocery lists, collect and redeem coupons from their cell phones as the phone is the one thing they can generally count on having with them.

“The results of our survey were encouraging and show that we’re on the right track with MobileMom. We’ve created a practical, easy and convenient way for those 78% of Moms who have expressed interest in taking their documents and Web content with them and staying connected when they are away from home, and the computer,” said Jason Thibeault, co-founder and CTO of GoWare, Inc. “Be they power Moms, PTO Moms, soccer Moms, or stay-at-home Moms, MobileMom is a useful tool for any Mom’s war chest.” In addition, GoWare has partnered up with Cellfire, a mobile couponing provider, enabling MobileMom to provide relevant coupons to Moms on the go that can be redeemed with vendors from their cell phones.

MobileMom is an easy to use PC-based application that allows users to right-click on any computer or Web-based content and send it to their cell phones. Based on patent-pending technologies built on GoWare’s ground-breaking DoMo Platform, MobileMom makes content sent from a PC accessible through SMS text-messaging (something Moms use their phones for quite a bit) and a mobile browser. Users can easily send content from Websites (product reviews, pictures, news, directions, events, for example), data from their PC applications (such as contacts from Microsoft Outlook), and files from their computer (such as pictures and, Microsoft Word documents) to the cell phone by simply right-clicking and selecting the “add to my mobile phone” option. To access what they have added to their cell phone, users don’t have to be technology wizards. By selecting specific content and dragging and dropping to a mobile bucket on their desktop, a link to the content is automatically sent via text message to their cell phone that is then available by simply clicking on the link in the text-message, automatically opening the content in their mobile browser. Through the MobileMom interface, users can access content that is rendered to a users specific cell phones screen size and resolution dramatically enhancing the user’s experience accessing and reading the content that can also be easily shared with friends and family through GoWare’s unique drag-and-drop “bucket” feature.

“Today’s Moms are constantly on the move and much more technologically savvy than they were even a few years ago. The ability for Moms to be able to access electronic documents of all kinds while on the sidelines of a child’s soccer game or running between the office and errands will help to ensure they can cross off just a few more to do’s at the end of the day,” said Stacy DeBroff, founder and CEO of MomCentral. “MobileMom is becoming available at just the right time to help Moms stay up-to-date — and their families on track — while on the go.”

MobileMom was available October 15, 2007 to the public as part of a free beta trial at http://www.mymobilemom.com.

About GoWare

GoWare, Inc. is a software development company focused on providing solutions that help users stay connected to, and in control of, their Web- and PC-based content while on the go. GoWare’s first solution, DoMo (Do More), is a mobile content delivery and publishing platform that gives developers and content owners the ability to mobilize their offerings without the headaches associated with supporting and maintaining a mobile-focused offering. To demonstrate the power of the DoMo Platform, GoWare develops consumer applications that integrate with and leverage the technology. Its flagship product, DoMo HomePage, lets users create a customized, personalized mobile home page for their mobile phone. Through a single, mobile-access point, GoWare has effectively solved many of the issues facing mobile internet usage today by putting the control over the mobile Web experience into the hands of the mobile user.

For more information about GoWare and the DoMo Platform, visit http://www.goware.biz or call 650/726-3482.

About Mom Central Consulting

Mom Central Consulting, founded by best-selling author, national parenting expert, and corporate spokesperson Stacy DeBroff, is a full service marketing and consulting firm that exclusively targets the Mom market. MCC brings together eight of the top national Mom experts to provide brands a full range of services including viral marketing, public relations, consulting and research capabilities to engage Moms in a meaningful and authentic manner. MomCentral is a website founded by Stacy to provide a source of information for today’s busy mom. Members of the MomCentral.com website often participate in market research surveys fielded by Mom Central Consulting as well as contribute to the active community on momcentral.com forums. Stacy publishes the Debroff Brief, a leading blog on the ClubMom website.

For more information about Stacy DeBroff and MomCentral Consulting, visit http://www.momcentralconsulting.com/.

For more information about MomCentral, visit http://www.momcentral.com.

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