Faulty Sql Code Can Cause Database Performance Problems – Computer Associates International’s Unicenter SQL-Station 6.0

Faulty Sql Code Can Cause Database Performance Problems – Computer Associates International’s Unicenter SQL-Station 6.0 – Product Announcement

Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA), Islandia, N.Y., has launched the latest release of Unicenter SQL-Station, a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment that empowers programmers to rapidly build optimized SQL database code in support of critical eBusiness applications and web services.

Unicenter SQL-Station 6.0 accomplishes this strategic objective by providing new support for XML implementations and shielding developers from the complexity of coding, testing, debugging, tuning, and managing diverse database objects — including XML, SQL, PL/SQL and Java. This increases the productivity of both novice and expert developers, while accelerating project completion and ensuring the quality of SQL code.

Version 6.0 also features a new SQL Extractor that automates the process of extracting and tuning existing SQL code. This is especially important for the development of new web-based extensions of existing database systems. New wizards also guide developers through complex definitions of data types and structures, further boosting staff productivity and reducing programming errors.

“For web services to be effectively used, their performance and overhead must be properly optimized and managed,” said Tyler McDaniel, director of Application Strategies at Framingham, Mass.-based consultancy Hurwitz Group. “CA is delivering solutions today that can assist organizations with getting their arms around this new technology.”

Faulty SQL code can be a cause of database performance problems. Poorly structured queries can often go unnoticed until utilization of an application reaches a critical level. At that point, performance degradations and/or downtime can seriously impact the business. With CA’s Unicenter SQL-Station, such problems can be avoided by ensuring that all SQL code is properly tuned.

“Database performance tuning has always been as difficult as it is critical. The use of new technologies in conjunction with SQL databases makes the situation even more challenging – especially given the limitations in developers’ expertise,” said Jorge Jesus, systems and operations services director of CTT Correios de Portugal, the largest provider of mail servicing residential and commercial customers in Portugal. “That’s why Unicenter SQL-Station is such a valuable tool for us. It saves us a lot of time and aggravation on our database-related development projects and allows us to roll out production systems with the confidence that they will be able to scale as they’re used by more and more employees and customers.”

In addition to its outstanding feature set, customers value Unicenter SQL-Station for its support of the multiple databases that they use within their enterprise environments. Unicenter SQL-Station also provides a variety of database-specific features, such as a “just-in-time” PL/SQL debugger for Oracle.

“Customers today are under a lot of pressure to deliver very high quality, sophisticated web-enabled database application in very little time with relatively small budgets,” said Richard Bolesta, brand manager, database management for CA. “To accomplish this, they need the complete, integrated SQL development environment that Unicenter SQL-Station provides.”

Customers can download CA’s Unicenter SQL-Station 6.0 for trial use at http://ca.com/products/manageit/trial.htm.

Unicenter SQL-Station is just one of CA’s comprehensive Unicenter Database Management Solutions, which provide a single management environment for heterogeneous databases, database servers, and the eBusiness applications they support.

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