Bmc Introduces Dbxray V3.0

Bmc Introduces Dbxray V3.0 – BMc Software backup software

In line with its recently announced global enterprise data management blueprint for lowering the cost of managing data, Project Golden Gate, BMC Software, Inc. (NYSE:BMC), a leader in enterprise management, has announced the integration of its industry leading backup and recovery tool, SQL-BackTrack, with its SmartDBA web-based console. In addition to Web-enabling SQL-BackTrack, this integration rounds out BMC Software’s SmartDBA offerings for Oracle, making BMC Software the only vendor that enables database administrators (DBAs) to execute the performance, administration and recovery tasks necessary to manage Oracle databases, all from a single web-based console.

“As a current user of SQL-BackTrack we are extremely excited about BMC’s move to Web-enable this product,” said Regina Weishuhn, Oracle DBA, VHA Incorporated. “The functionality of SQL-BackTrack is very easy to manage, whether you’re a professional using it or a novice. Taking this easy to use solution to the Web will simplify our back-up and recovery process even more a s it will be easier to get to, regardless of our DBAs location. Since many people have the Internet, we anticipate this to help with our overhead as it won’t take much for our DBAs to get SQL-BackTrack going.”

Additional highlights of the announcement include the introduction of new built-in intelligence features to BMC Software’s SmartDBA DBXray(TM) diagnostic and visualization tool for Oracle and its SQL-Explorer(TM) tuning product for Oracle.

Gene Austin, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Data Management, BMC Software said, “The integration of the industry’s leading distributed database recovery offering, SQL-BackTrack, into our SmartDBA architecture provides customers with the most comprehensive solution to manage Oracle.”

Backup and Recovery Integration with SmartDBA

In this cost-conscious environment of 24×7 business, companies cannot afford the cost of downtime for dealing with manual backup and recovery of databases. The faster a database is up and running, the lower the costs absorbed by the business. With today’s introduction of SQL-BackTrack for Oracle v 3.4.10, BMC Software is automating the backup and recovery process for increased business availability and staff productivity.

The integration of SQL-BackTrack with SmartDBA cockpit will allow DBAs to easily perform backups and recoveries from any location that has Web access. In addition to greater management freedom, the integration will provide users with a single location to access SQL-BackTrack, regardless of the number of servers being used. This single location access increases DBA productivity by eliminating the need for multiple server log-ins, which was previously required to perform backups and recoveries.

Enriched Data Management with DBXray

With the ever-increasing growth of business critical data across a multitude of database environments, there is a greater need for reliable tools that quickly and easily identify current and impending database performance and availability problems. With the introduction of DBXray for Oracle v3.0, B MC Software is expanding the functionality of its DBA diagnostic and visualization tool with new built-in intelligence features. The new Trace User Session capability simplifies the time-consuming task of identifying and resolving user related performance problems by automating the multiple steps required with a single action. The Alarm Calibration and History feature records all activity that exceeds current performance thresholds and allows the DBA to easily analyze performance trends and then take proactive action to correct the problems immediately. Additionally, the DBA is given the option to instruct DBXray to automatically adjust the performance thresholds based on the historical activity recorded.

Intelligent SQL Rewrite and Built-in Simulation Capabilities

The performance of business critical applications often hinges on the efficiency of its SQL statements and the underlying indexes. SQL-Explorer for Oracle optimizes the performance of a database and maximizes system availability by capturing, analyzing, and fixing problematic SQL and database object s. With the introduction of SQL-Explorer for Oracle v6.2, BMC Software is introducing an extended SQL rewrite engine capable of evaluating tens of thousands of potential rewrites and recommending the most efficient SQL statement. This built-in intelligence enables overextended DBAs and developers to deliver well-tuned SQL that maximizes application performance. The addition of new simulation capabilities for safe scenario testing enhances simulation capabilities and allows DBAs and developers to test the impact of SQL , indexes, and parameter changes safely, without affecting their production systems.

Pricing and Availability

SQL-BackTrack for Oracle v3.4.10 and SQL Explorer v6.2 is available now worldwide.

DBXray v3.0 is available worldwide. For pricing as well as information on BMC Software’s SmartDBA(TM) family, visit

About Project Golden Gate

Project Golden Gate is BMC Software’s global enterprise data management blueprint for lowering the cost of managing data across the enterprise. Its goal is to provide deeper levels of interoperability and integration between management tools for mainframe and distributed database management systems utilizing the core technologies found in SmartDBA. The uniqueness of this strategy is BMC Software’s three-pronged approach, which focuses on the company’s core management competencies: built-in intelligence, application-centricity and cross database management or heterogeneity.

About BMC Software

BMC Software, Inc. is a leader in enterprise management. The company focuses on Assuring Business Availability(R) for its customers by helping them proactively improve service, reduce costs and increase value to their business. BMC Software solutions span enterprise systems, applications and databases. Founded in 1980, BMC Software has offices worldwide and is a member of the S&P 500, with fiscal year 2002 revenues of approximately $1.3 billion.

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