Alternate Dispute Resolution Available On World Wide Web

Alternate Dispute Resolution Available On World Wide Web – Company Business and Marketing, a site for alternative dispute resolution news and resources on the World Wide Web, has launched a searchable online directory of arbitrators, mediators, and attorneys to help the business community and the public find qualified dispute-resolution professionals.

With detailed profiles and advanced search capabilities,’s online database — the ADR Exchange — is a powerful tool for quickly locating arbitrators, mediators and attorneys by their practice area, location, expertise and qualifications. The database currently has hundreds of detailed profiles of dispute resolution practitioners, service providers, and attorneys and law firms across the country and around the world.

“The rapid growth of the use of arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution in lieu of litigation means that the business world, the legal community and the broader public need an easy and efficient way of finding qualified dispute resolution professionals,” said president Tony Kreindler. “The ADR Exchange provides the detail and advanced search capabilities needed to quickly locate a qualified service provider.”

The ADR Exchange sets itself apart from other legal service databases and search engines on the Web by compiling key details about ADR practitioners and allowing searches based on wide range of criteria. Users can search for arbitrators, mediators and attorneys according to region, expertise and practice areas, willingness to travel, years of experience, number of cases handled, and services provided.

The ADR Exchange can be found at on the World Wide Web, and the service is provided free to the public. ADR service providers and attorneys who wish to place a listing on the ADR Exchange can enter their profile at the site. is an independent news service covering the latest developments in arbitration, mediation and all forms of alternative dispute resolution. The site features daily updates of regulatory, legislative and judicial activities related to ADR, and an online library of over one thousand statutes, court rules, private-sector ADR standards and policy documents.

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