Thomson & Thomson Upgrades Its Domain Registrant Search Service

Thomson & Thomson Upgrades Its Domain Registrant Search Service – Company Business and Marketing

Thomson & Thomson (North Quincy, MA) has announced the launch of its Domain Registrant Search service on SAEGIS. T&T’s initial Worldwide Domain Name Search service was first announced in September 1998 (see ‘Online Newsletter’ September 1998 p.1).

T&T’s Domain Registrant Search service helps companies monitor, track, and prosecute cybersquatters. The explosive growth in domain name activity has heightened the need for many companies to continually research and monitor domain name registrations. With millions of domain name registrations and ICANN’s new Top Level Domains on the horizon, the need for current domain name registrant information is essential for companies to properly audit and protect their corporate and product names.

The service allows companies to monitor and track domain registrants through a comprehensive database comprised of Bulk WHOIS files acquired from two of the top ICANN-accredited registrars.

Additionally, the service allows companies to keep track of their assets by monitoring their own internal domain name portfolios. In today’s marketplace, companies are buying and holding domain names for products or programs that are in development – and access to this information is vital to clients who track their competitors.

The Domain Registrant Search service provides companies with eight search fields for querying the data. Searchability of the registrant fields is more flexible than anything else, according to T&T, by which a user can retrieve data by individual name, company or organization name – and address. Also searchable are the contents of billing, technical, or administrative fields, including name, address, email, phone number, and NIC handle. The service also enables users to search in combination with other fields to track possible cybersquatters. For example, a user may enter “SAEGIS*” in the Domain Name field and “Not Thomson*” in the Registrant Information field to uncover domains that start with “SAEGIS” but were not registered by Thomson & Thomson.

Thomson & Thomson is a subsidiary of the Thomson Corporation. For further information contact: Thomson & Thomson, 500 Victory Road, North Quincy, MA 02171-3145. Telephone: (800) 692-8833 or (617) 479-1600. Fax: (617) 786-8273. URL:

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