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This full-text database is now available on STN International (also available on DataStar and as part of the NEWSLETTER DATABASE). The database was formerly published by IMSWorld Publications Ltd. as “Marketletter”, and is now produced by MarketLetter Publications Limited. — PHARML provides up-to-date product, company, and industry news and information about all aspects of the pharmaceutical and health care industries worldwide. Coverage includes: company news, including financial reports, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, start-up companies, marketing initiatives, trends and strategies, corporate developments, company profiles, legal influences, research and development, multinational deals, stock market analysis, and sales performance – product news, including drug submissions, drug launches, drug approvals and rejections, licensing arrangements, clinical trial development and results, and product development – worldwide news, including conference reports, regulatory developments, new market legislation, health care environmental issues, and reviews of current and proposed legislation and regulation. PHARML contains bibliographic data and the full text of the weekly publication ‘Pharma Marketletter’. Sources of information are obtained from health care journals, press releases, conferences, and interviews. The database contains more than 49,015 records (as of September 2002) from 1992 to the present and is updated daily with pre-publication data. The database is also updated weekly when the printed version of ‘Pharma Marketletter’ is published. Current-awareness alerts (SDIs) are available weekly. Additional information is available from the database producer: MarketLetter Publications Ltd., 54-55 Wilton Road, London, SW1V 1DE United Kingdom. Telephone: (+44) 20 7828 7272. Fax: (+44) 20 7828 0415. Email:

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