Ovid Adds Full Text In Pdf Format Option

Ovid Adds Full Text In Pdf Format Option – Company Business and Marketing

Ovid Technologies has announced the addition of page-image format as a printing and viewing option for journals in its 370-plus title aggregated Journals@Ovid full text database. The additional format is in response intended to meet user demand to complement Ovid’s uniform and searchable SGML full text format. The first PDF formats became available to users in October and November 2000, with more titles being added during 2001. Eventually, Ovid hopes to offer all of its Journals@Ovid in PDF format.

The SGML full text format permits hypertext linking to other full text documents and bibliographic records; enables users to search every word of every article in Journals@Ovid; and is ideal for displaying full text on a computer screen – with the complete text, graphics, and captions for all articles. SGML also makes possible the extensive integration and interlinking of Ovid’s full text with several of the 90+ bibliographic databases that Ovid offers. Users can search, retrieve, and link to and from many different types of content on Ovid using a single Web interface, the Ovid Web Gateway.

The PDF format, developed by Adobe Systems and accessible using Adobe’s freeware Acrobat Reader, provides and exact image of the printed journal page, but is not directly searchable in a way that can deliver the comprehensive, accurate and meaningful search results demanded by researchers using a professional search and retrieval service.

“With PDF and SGML, we now offer our users the best of both worlds,” said Mark Hukill, Journals@Ovid product manager, who spearheaded Ovid’s PDF project. “SGML delivers state-of-the-art fielded searchability and linking. The PDF provides a replica of the article as it appeared in print. Our users can now pinpoint their documents using Ovid’s search and retrieval software, specially designed around the SGML full text format, and then print hardcopies from the PDF.”

Ovid is a subsidiary of Wolter Kluwers International Health & Science. For further information and pricing contact: Ovid Technologies, Inc., 333 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001. Telephone: (800) 950-2035 or (212) 563-3006. Fax: (212) 563-3784. URL: http://www.ovid.com

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