Motor Industry Research – Dialog – file 81

Motor Industry Research – Dialog – file 81 – from MIRA Ltd

This database is produced by MIRA Ltd. (formerly known as the Motor Industry Research Association), and is the equivalent of two electronic publications – ‘Automotive Business News’ and ‘Automobile Abstracts’. Both titles provide bibliographic details and abstracts from a wide range of general business, industry, and technical sources from July 1980 to the present. (Also available on DataStar.) The database is updated monthly. The database spans all aspects of the automotive industry. Coverage of technical topics extends over the full breadth of automobile engineering, including vehicles, components, materials, production technology, fuels and lubricants, and research and development. Specific coverage is also given to business topics, including company financials, mergers and acquisitions activity, collaborative and joint ventures, production, and sales statistics, and other news items. Extensive coverage is also provided for developments in fields closely allied with the automotive industry, such as the manufacture of steel, tires, and rubber components. Articles are selected from a range of over 100 technical and trade publications, newspapers, conference papers and research reports, books, and other special publications both in print and electronic form. Extensive coverage is also provided of press releases from companies and other automotive-related organizations. English language abstracts are available for nearly all articles, including those from foreign language publications.

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