Gale Group’s Computerselect Web Offers Over 100 New Publications

Gale Group’s Computerselect Web Offers Over 100 New Publications

The new 1.5 version of the Gale Group’s ComputerSelect Web (sm) ( has added selected Giga Information Group content plus 100 new publications. In addition, the new version of ComputerSelect Web also features the ability to send alerts and deliver articles, export lists of IT company profiles, and link articles and specifications by product categories. Other new features enable users to save searches and automatically receive the results on a regular basis. The user can either retrieve the results by logging into ComputerSelect Web or have them delivered in an email message that includes a list of URL links with the titles of new articles found by the search. (Users can even select how often and what days they would like the search results to be delivered.)

ComputerSelect Web enables users to find specific, highly-targeted information on high-tech topics from a wide ranging collection of premium trade publications, technology product specifications, newsletters [including III newsletters], newswires, company profiles, selected Web sites, and other related information.

ComputerSelect Web is the first information provider to offer access to research from Giga (founded by Gideon Gartner in 1996). Selected Giga research products include one-page, topic-specific research briefs, and longer reports that provide qualitative analysis on key e-businesses and information technology (IT) topics.

A free list of publications that are covered by ComputerSelect Web are available on the Web site. The list annotates each entry to show whether it is available in full text, abstracted and/or indexed as well as publisher name.

ComputerSelect Web is a comprehensive source of computer information for high-tech professionals, and was first launched on CD-ROM in 1989. In May 1998, the Gale Group launched the ComputerSelect Web, the online version of the product. This resource provides Internet access to news and business publications, hardware and software specifications, high-tech company profiles, and pre-selected IT Web sites. The database is updated daily (the CD-ROM is updated monthly).

ComputerSelect Web access is sold on a flat-fee basis for unlimited usage per user. An annual subscription is priced starting at $1,550 per year for a standalone license. Concurrent-user licensing is available and varies with the number of users. The standalone CD-ROM product is priced at $1,250, with multi-user server-based licenses also available.

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