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This new Dialog database traces the complete life cycle of a French patent, from its publication to its grant and then decline. Coverage is provided from 1961, with detailed abstracts and descriptors from 1978 forward. The database is provided by Institut National de la Propriete Industrielle (INPI), which is the French patent and trademark office and the French Register of Commerce and Trade. The database covers all French patents from 1966 forward, but it also includes the special series of pharmaceutical patents, “Brevets Speciaux Medicaments”, published in France between 1961 and 1978. The database is updated weekly, and the newest records are available online approximately three to four days after publication in INPI’s ‘Bulletin Officiel de la Propriete Industrielle’ (‘BOPI’). The language of the records, including abstract and descriptors, is French, but INPI provides English translations of the French descriptors for patents published from 1989 forward. Dialog has placed special emphasis on making the patents accessible to searchers not fluent in French by providing English translations of the legal status and English labeling of fields. Display formats are available in “all-French” formats, as well as “English” formats. The Dialog database also follows the design model of other Dialog patent databases to facilitate searching in multiple files using OneSearch (r). Images of associated drawings are displayed in patents published from 1989 forward. INPI provides much additional information about the patent, such as applicant and inventor names and addresses. Search reports include cited patents, literature references, and relevance indicators. Legal status information contains considerable detail about internal INPI actions pertaining to the patent, such as decisions of the Director General, name changes, changes in status from patent to utility model, requests for supplementary certificates of protection, lapse due to nonpayment of fees, and other related information.

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