Encarta World English Dictionary – CD-ROM/Print

Encarta World English Dictionary – CD-ROM/Print – Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation released in August the first newly written U.S. dictionary in 30 years. The new dictionary took three years in the making. Anne Soukhanov, U.S. editor and world-renowned lexicographer, and Kathy Rooney, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc (London) editor-in-chief, led more than 320 expert editors, lexicographers and consultants from 20 English-speaking countries who used a combination of computer and Internet technology to compile, edit, and research the comprehensive resource. Quick definitions, which come before full definitions, give a concise six to seven word summary of every word, and the inclusion of new words through 400,000 references. The dictionary features Word Origins on where and how a word originated. Both audio pronunciation and phonetics are also included. — The English language continues to expand globally as a first or second language, with more than 750 million speakers. The Internet today has expanded the use of English as a cross-cultural language, and today a majority of Web sites and information stored in computers are in English. Furthermore, the new Internet industry of e-commerce has made English the language of business. A British print edition will be produced by Bloomsbury, an American print edition will be produced by St. Martin’s Press, and an Australian print edition by Pan Macmillan. The Encarta World English Dictionary is included as part of the Encarta Reference Suite 2000 package. — Suggested retail price for the CD-ROM edition is $39.95 (less a $20 rebate); the print edition is available at a suggested retail price of $49.95. — Available at all software and book stores.

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