Derwent Adds Abstracts For Korean Data To Wpi Database

Derwent Adds Abstracts For Korean Data To Wpi Database

Derwent Information has announced the inclusion of abstracts for Korean patent applications (Korean A documents) into its patent information database, the ‘Derwent World Patents Index’. Derwent is also working with a third party in Korea to be able to offer Korean applications with English-language titles and abstracts for all patents published after January 1, 2001.

Each year, a large number of Korean patent applications are published by its Intellectual Property Office, the third most prolific patent issuing body. The majority (66%) of Korean patents are domestic filings – i.e. inventions filed by Korean companies, with the leading Patent Assignees being Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Hyundai Electronics Co. Ltd., and LG Electronics, Inc. The overwhelming majority (70%) of Korean patents do not have a foreign equivalent, making the Korean document the only source of this important information. Seventeen percent of patents filed at the Korean Patent Office are filed by Japanese companies (such as NEC Corporation, Matsushita and Mitsubishi). U.S. companies account for 10% of Korean patents, such as those of IBM, Lucent, and 3M.

Patent protection is predominantly being sought in Korea in the areas of semiconductor materials and manufacturing processes, telephone and data transmission systems, broadcasting, radio and line transmission systems, audio/video recording and systems, digital computers and memories, and film and hybrid circuits.

The ‘Derwent World Patents Index’ database is available on Dialog (files 350, 351, 352).

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