CERVED ITALIAN COMPANY INFORMATION [CVEN/English] [CVIT/Italian] – DataStar – Brief Article

This database contains full financial records for over 500,000 Italian companies. Cerved is Italy’s leading producer of business information and distributor of official data files with the Italian Chambers of Commerce, and is currently the most authoritative and reliable source of information on Italian companies. CVEN and CVIT provide complete profiles of the majority of Italy’s joint stock and limited liability companies. Each company profile contains the basic identifiers – name, address, and telephone number; ISTAT industry classification; tax code; and date of registration – as well as a list of related companies and a three-year financial statement drawn up in accordance with European regulations. Both CVEN and CVIT will be reloaded each quarter. Each full document is priced at $40.40 with connect-time charges of $68 per hour. For further information on database content contact: Cerved s.p.a., Via G.B. Morgagni 30 H, I-00161 Rome, Italy. Telephone: +39 06 44 11 07 03. Fax: +39 06 44 11 07 22. Email: fcapaldo@cerved.com URL: http://www.cerved.com [This database was previously only available on CD-ROM – see ‘Online Newsletter’ February 1995 p.8 – ed.]

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