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An innocent-looking “invoice-type” domain name registration form turned up in our mail during May. True – it was marked “This is not a bill. This is an invitation”. (The invoice is cannily similar to the old invoices for domain name registrations once issued by interNIC [Network Solutions] when it was the sole authority for assigning Internet domain names now replaced by ICANN and numerous ICANN-approved registrars. The “invoice” format may be easily mistaken by some for the real thing.) — However, the “domain name registration” offered by “eNIC” of Seattle, Washington offers domain names ending in “.cc” – not “.com”. This, they say, is a means of protecting brands from being diluted by predators and cybersquatters. The letter goes on to say that “Hundreds of thousands are registering their domain names under the .CC top level domain, including many of the world’s leading brands …”. — With our curiosity piqued, we hastened to check where the “” domain suffix belonged since indeed, all browsers seemed to have no difficulty accessing such Websites. — It turns out the the “.cc” suffix is a URL country code for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands which are located about 2,300 miles west of Darwin, Australia. The Cocos Islands have almost as colorful a history and story as does this “domain name registration” story, because no mention of the country code suffix is made in the “invitation” which is also linked to the “Official Domain Retrieval Service” (a.k.a. David Sams Industries, Inc. et al). … The story gets even better when Clear Channel Communications, Inc. announces via a Web page that is has signed an agreement with SamsDirect (associated with to sell domain name registrations worldwide citing a “domain shortage”. Reviewing the registration agreement that eNIC provides looks more like it was drawn up by a committee of “Philadelphia lawyers” which also includes adhering to eNIC Corporation policies. — Ahem. — Looks like this is one of those offers that should go in the circular file. [RSH]

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