Olympus D-600L – Olympus America’s digital camera – Product Announcement

Olympus D-600L – Olympus America’s digital camera – Product Announcement – Brief Article

With a 3x optical zoom, excellent flash and sophisticated exposure controls such as spot metering, the D-600L doesn’t feel like a digital camera. And the 1,280-by-1,024-pixel images it produces rival those found in cameras costing up to $10,000.

The D-600L’s main drawback is that it devours nickel-cadmium batteries like candy. The company says you’ll need nickel-metal-hydride rechargeable batteries to get the best life out of the camera. We got, on average, 10 images captured and downloaded with NiCad batteries, as opposed to more than 70 with a set of NiMH batteries. Unfortunately, Olympus doesn’t provide NiMH batteries or an AC adapter with the camera. For that you’ll have to spend an additional $59.95 for the batteries and recharger, or $199.95 for a kit with batteries, recharger, AC adapter and another 4-Mbyte SmartMedia card. Whichever you choose, you’ll have the best overall digital camera on the market today.

If you can live with a resolution of 1,024 by 768 pixels, the $899 D-500L is an excellent alternative.

Olympus D-600L 4 1/2

Olympus America Inc. (http://www.olympus.com)

List price: $1,299

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