News: Web Buddy to learn passwords – DataViz Inc

News: Web Buddy to learn passwords – DataViz Inc – Product Announcement

Andrea Dudrow

DataViz Inc. at this month’s Macworld Expo showed attendees an update to Web Buddy, its offline Web browsing tool. Version 2.0 is scheduled to ship in August; DataViz announced the update at Fall Internet World in December 1997.

The new version will support Version 1.1 of HTTP (Hypertext Transport Protocol) and will download Web sites faster than the previous version, according to the company. Web Buddy 2.0 will be able to access password-protected Web sites; users will enter their password information and schedule a specific time for the site to be downloaded.

The revision will also include a “stay in directory” feature that will let users identify a specific Web site directory to download rather than accessing an entire site, DataViz said. In addition, the update will gain filters that users can configure to ignore certain file types, such as streaming-media files, when downloading. According to the company, this feature can save the user from downloading files that are not useful when browsing a Web site offline.

The software will be priced at $39.95.

DataViz Inc. of Trumbull, Conn., can be reached at (203) 268-0030 or (800) 733-0030; fax (203) 268-4345;;

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