Education World expands revenue models with custom publishing, ISP sales and ASP services

Education World expands revenue models with custom publishing, ISP sales and ASP services

Education World (Princeton, NJ,, an online collection of resources for teachers, is expanding services and revenue, opportunities. The company is fully owned by American Fidelity Assurance, which has over 1.2 million teachers as clients. The site has previously promoted American Fidelity and it has sold advertising and sponsorship to other companies. Greg Hilbert, vp of strategic development, expects the advertising/sponsorship model to diminish over time in favor of new models that the site is introducing on an accelerated time table.

Those models include offering custom publishing to K-12 schools and teachers, reselling ISP service as a fundraiser for schools, hosting services for education associations, e-procurement, licensing their content and search engine and affiliate e-commerce.

K-12 Custom Publishing

A strategic partnership with (Campbell, CA, has launched Education World’s initial custom publishing offerings. At launch they are focused on allowing teachers to create professional looking documents from their own content or content created by students. As the effort expands, Education World will likely be creating their own database of available resources and offering services for clearing rights on other resources teachers wish to use.

The program that the company is now promoting most heavily is called It’s OUR Book: Write it Loud! Through that, a school can collect student writings into a perfect-bound paperback with a custom, color cover and its own ISBN number. Books are available in a range of sizes and the first 25 black and white graphics are included at no additional charge. The school can then sell copies of the book as a fundraiser. Books are published through School Success Press, an educational publishing program from

Initial creation of the document requires a fee of just over $100. Books are sold at a price of $10 to $14, and schools keep 40% of that amount. Schools wont get stuck with an overstock of unwanted books because the custom publishing model allows a single book to be printed at the same cost as a larger run.

A second program, Teacher’s Choice Press, uses the same publishing model to encourage teachers, schools or districts to publish their own resource books, activity guides, workbooks, courses and other educational content. The model requires the individual or institution publishing the document to have rights to the content, and it is primarily intended for publishing content created by the teacher or institutional author. The author pays a $134 fee and receives one copy of the book with that. Authors can order additional copies as needed. Those books will also be resold in Education World’s online store run by Authors will receive a 20% royalty for each paper copy sold and a 50% royalty for electronic editions. Authors also have discounts in the store.

The ISP Fundraiser

Education World is offering schools another fundraiser by offering an ISP service. Education World is essentially reselling ISP service from a telecommunications giant which has the agreement under nondisclosure. The partner gives Education World reliable service and a pervasive reach. Schools market the ISP service to parents, teachers and community members, and each month the school keeps $3 of the $19.95 monthly fee. Value added services from Education World include a school home page which provides communications features between principals, teachers, parents and students. Toolsets for teachers include an exam builder, a classroom page builder and classroom management resources. The first such agreement is with the National Christian School Association, and that partnership will include seamless links to NCSA resources.

ASP Hosting

In a related revenue model, Education World can act as an ASP providing resources to members of an association. The National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), for example, offers their members an electronic desk hosted by Education World. Hilbert explains that this is a personalized homepage from which a principal can launch into either their professional or personal life. It includes online tools from Education World, and users can simultaneously search resources from NAESP and Education World. This offering also allows an association to create their own custom publishing activities through the Education World/ partnership.

The company is not yet at a point to disclose details of the other emerging revenue models. Hilbert will say an e-procurement model is in development. Education World does already have licensees either co-branding or private-labeling their content and search engine, and the company will be accelerating such partnerships. E-commerce affiliate relationships are likely to follow the model of Education World’s agreement with, a partnership in which a retailer with an educational emphasis is seeking to supplement their consumer audience with educators.

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