Online demand for Primark increases

Online demand for Primark increases


Online intelligence service Hitwise has reported that online demand for Primark, a budget brand of fashion, has increased over the past few months.

According to Hitwise, online searches for ‘primark’ have increased by 143% since the beginning of 2005. The latest Hitwise data for the retail industry reportedly reveals that ‘primark’ is the 15th most searched-for term amongst all fashion retail websites. At the same time visits to Primark’s website,, have increased by 50%, despite the fact that the site offers no online shopping.

According to Hitwise Lifestyle data for August, Primark has 20% more visitors from the Urban Intelligence group than other websites in the online fashion sector, and 18% more visitors from the Symbols of Success segment, which greatly contrasts with Primark’s Lifestyle profile earlier this year, when visitors from the Symbols of Success demographic were 18% less likely to visit its site. According to Hitwise, the demographic shift corresponds with the increase in press coverage for Primark in upmarket publications such as The Sunday Times during this period.

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