OnAir to provide inflight communications services to Shenzhen Airlines

OnAir to provide inflight communications services to Shenzhen Airlines


An agreement to provide inflight communications services including e-mail, SMS and voice calls, for passengers of airline Shenzhen Airlines, has been established by OnAir, an inflight communications service and joint venture with SITA and Airbus.

The OnAir service will be installed across the airline’s Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 family aircraft fleet by mid 2009, with three demonstrator aircraft due to be ready for the Beijing Olympic Games in August next year. Shenzhen Airlines will reportedly be the first airline in China to provide passengers with the inflight communications services.

OnAir said that China is a fast growing, significant aviation market and that the implementation of its services will provide additional revenues and increased levels of passenger services. It confirmed the OnAir service will allow passengers to use Blackberry-type devices and mobile phones to make and receive calls and send and receive e-mails and text messages in flight.

According to OnAir, the equipment will be retrofitted on the existing aircraft of Shenzhen Airlines and line-fitted on new aircraft.

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