MTS introduces WiFi wireless Internet access to Moscow

MTS introduces WiFi wireless Internet access to Moscow


A WiFi wireless Internet access network has been introduced, commercially, in Moscow, Russia, by Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), a mobile operator in Russia.

MTS runs 60 WiFi hotspots in airports, cafes, restaurants, business and retail centres and plans to expand the number of hotspots to 300 next year. It intends to introduce further hotspots to exhibition halls, train stations, educational and medical facilities, sports centres and within its own offices. The project is being completed in partnership with Tascom, an Internet provider based in Moscow.

MTS said it intends to charge USD5 per hour of WiFi access for traffic not exceeding 100MB – USD0.05 will be charged for every 1MB exceeding this. Internet access will be available at WiFi hotspots for corporate clients for USD30 per month for traffic not exceeding 1.5GB and USD0.02 will be charged for each 1MB exceeding this.

Russia’s Association of GSM Operators expects the total number of WiFi Internet access points in Russia to reach 680 by the end of 2005 – hotspots have so far been introduced in cities such as Moscow, St Petersburg, Ufa and Taganrog.

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