MessageLabs launches new encryption service

MessageLabs launches new encryption service


E-mail security and management services provider, MessageLabs, has lunched its MessageLabs Boundary Encryption service, a boundary-to-boundary encryption service aimed at corporate mail servers.

The company claims that the service will guarantee the privacy and integrity of communications between corporate mail servers, and is aimed at addressing new regulatory and legislative pressures placed on the companies to ensure the privacy and integrity of corporate e-mails.

The service will provide a secure private email network (SPEN) for customers to communicate with designated partners using SMTP over Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, without the need for desktop encryption tools, according to MessageLabs.

A spokesperson for the UK-based company said that one of the advantages in applying encryption on a boundary-to-boundary basis is that the corporate policy on securing email can be enforced without the need to involve end users in any decisions, or have them change work practices.

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