Mantra Online launches international ISP gateway in India

Mantra Online launches international ISP gateway in India


Indian ISP Mantra Online has launched the first private international ISP gateway via satellite in India.

IP SatCast, BT Broadcast Services’ Internet backbone service which will facilitate Mantra Online’s access to global content, ensures direct connectivity with the Internet via a UK Internet hub.

The service is claimed to provide fast terrestrial links in the UK and initially up to two and a half 27MHz transponders on the PanAmSat PAS4 satellite. BT Broadcast Services says that IP SatCast also offers cost-effective Internet connectivity in locations where links are costly and in short supply.

BT Broadcast Services will supply 36Mb/s outbound satellite capacity from the UK to India and 9Mbits/s of inbound satellite capacity from India to the UK.

Mantra Online will initially launch its services to corporate and individual customers in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai before adding a further 27 cities throughout India.

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