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IT experts do not believe e-mail authentication will stop spam

IT experts do not believe e-mail authentication will stop spam


Black Spider Technologies, an e-mail security services company, has carried out a survey of IT security experts.

According to the results of the survey, IT experts believe that while e-mail authentication will be widely adopted, it will not be able to stop spam. The survey shows that 66% of senior IT executives who were interviewed at Gartner`s European IT Security Summit in London, UK – believe that e-mail authentication will become widely used in the near future. In addition to this belief, however, 90% also said that they do not believe it will stop spam and 50% of those asked believe that all e-mail authentication will achieve is to change the way spam is sent rather than stopping it.

In addition to these results, almost 50% of the respondents also said that they believe that if spam keeps rising at current levels, the e-mail system will become unusable within a decade and 33% said they think the system will be useless within one or two years.

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