Introduction of high-speed wireless network unveiled by Sprint

Introduction of high-speed wireless network unveiled by Sprint


The introduction of a high-speed wireless data network has been unveiled by Sprint (NYSE:FON), a wireless carrier based in the US.

According to Sprint its Evolution Data Optimised (EV-DO) service will start in 34 markets this month, increasing to 51 by the end of 2005. It will be offered in areas such as central business districts and airports where there is a significant demand for wireless broadband. Sprint said that its EV-DO service offers 400-700KB/s average download speeds with a peak rate of up to 2MB/s, estimated to be ten times faster than its current 1xRTT wireless technology. Sprint’s service will support video-conferencing, improved messaging and the streaming of video, gaming and music, the company said.

There are two price plans for the service – USD40 per month for 40MB of transferred data, or unlimited access for USD80 per month. Wireless cards that will work on Sprint’s 1xRTT wireless network when EV-DO is not available can also be purchased and Sprint hopes that EV-DO handsets will be available by the end of the year.

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