Hacktivismo introduces Torpack browser for anonymous Internet use

Hacktivismo introduces Torpack browser for anonymous Internet use


A modified version of the Firefox web browser from Mozilla, has been introduced for web users concerned about privacy, enabling them to browse the Internet anonymously.

The Torpack browser has been created by Hacktivismo, a group of hackers, lawyers, artists and human rights workers, using technology backed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation digital rights group. The browser uses the Tor network of Internet routers established by the foundation to make traffic generated as users browse the web, anonymous, and can be placed on a flash memory stick to enable people to use any PC anonymously.

Usually, when a computer connects to the Internet, information about the address it is using is shared freely, however the Tor network works to prevent this information being shared. It encrypts traffic between the Tor network of routers and a computer and changes the net address regularly, making it harder to identify an individual for a particular browsing session.

Hacktivismo said Torpack users may experience a reduction in browsing speed as programs connect to the Tor network and scramble traffic and confirmed users could be identified when visiting sites that do not encrypt login sessions. The browser, which features an icon allowing users to move between anonymous and ordinary browsing, may also result in login details being requested more often due to the regular change of net address.

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