First-party cookie solution increases accuracy by 300%, claims WebTrends

First-party cookie solution increases accuracy by 300%, claims WebTrends


Following an industry third-party cookie rejection study two months ago, web analytics company WebTrends Inc has revealed that hundreds of its On Demand customers have moved to its first-party cookie solution.

WebTrends said that initial migrations to its first-party cookie solution have resulted in a 300% increase in accuracy in comparison to third-party cookie data. This is said to be due to the very low rejection rate of first-party cookies, of less than 1% to 4%. WebTrends claimed that data has shown that third-party cookie rejection impacts significantly on the ability to measure performance over time, while an update to the study concluded that third-party cookie blocking is increasing at unpredictable rates.

Research has indicated that the use of WebTrends’ first-party cookie solution has resulted in sites tracking 10-15% more unique visitors and 13-30% more repeat visitors, on average, than the numbers recorded through third-party cookies. An impact on the number of visitors attributed to campaigns has also been observed, with 10-30% more visitors tracked by some sites as responding to specific campaigns.

The first-party cookie solution from WebTrends allows users to add legitimate first-party cookie tracking while keeping ownership and management of their SSL certificates. The solution is available to customers at no extra charge.

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