Egg reveals i-mode mobile Internet banking

Egg reveals i-mode mobile Internet banking


Details of a partnership with mobile services provider O2 have been revealed by Egg plc, an online bank, to provide the first next-generation mobile Internet banking service.

Egg will provide a free mobile banking service for its customers through O2’s i-mode, a service currently used by 55m people worldwide, offering constant Internet access from a suitable mobile device. Egg’s research has determined that more than half of its customers seek mobile Internet banking services, enabling them to check their bank balance at any time from their handset.

The i-mode service will be available to Egg customers with i-mode phones from 1 October 2005, providing access to transactions, account balances and information on Egg Savings, Egg Money and Egg Card accounts. Egg customers will be able to use their existing login details to access the i-mode service and Egg’s online guarantee will cover all transactions. Full information on the i-mode service for Egg customers can be found at and Egg claimed that customers may be able to transfer money between Egg and other accounts in the future.

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