Digital newsagent service launched by Menzies Digital

Digital newsagent service launched by Menzies Digital


A new online service enabling customers to download digital versions of UK magazines to their desktops has been launched by John Menzies Digital Ltd.

The new service, which can be accessed at, features a number of UK based publishers as partners including IPC, Bauer Consumer Media, Hachette and Future.

The company said that the new site works in conjunction with free-to-install ‘Delivery’ software and enables users to download the latest issues of magazines, as well as viewing, storing and searching digital magazines bought from the site. In addition the system offers the ability to save magazines to a USB key, enabling customers to read them on any computer.

Magazines can be subscribed to on site and consumers can receive a discount against the single issue price.

A Pick & Mix subscription is also being offered that provides four ‘credits’ for GBP8.99 a month.

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