BT to introduce 1MB/s broadband package

BT to introduce 1MB/s broadband package – Brief Article


UK telecomms company BT plc has announced that it will be launching a faster broadband Internet service for home consumers from 20 November 2003.

The 1MB/s service will be offered by around 50 providers that have signed up to supply the package from BT to the UK. Previously, the fastest Internet connection that could be delivered to a home user was 512KB/s.

More than 80% of the UK can get ADSL broadband while cable firms – that already offer a 1MB/s connection – only reach 40% of the population.

The cost of the service has been set at GBP50 for connection or GBP35 for an upgrade from an existing broadband connection. Monthly subscription charges have not been revealed but are expected to be slightly higher.

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