Verio Announces Availability of Virtual Private Server on Solaris Platform – web hosting product – Brief Article

Verio Announces Availability of Virtual Private Server on Solaris Platform – web hosting product – Brief Article – Product Announcement

The flexibility versus finance decision that many small- to medium-sized companies face when outsourcing their Internet operations took a major step towards extinction. Verio Inc., a subsidiary of NTT Communications and the world’s largest Web-hosting company, has announced the availability of its Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting product on the Sun Solaris Operating Environment.

The Verio VPS solution provides the functionality of a dedicated server at a price comparable to most shared-server environments and is for the first time combined with the stability and high performance levels of the Solaris system.

Solaris, a Sun Microsystems product usually available only for dedicated server solutions, is noted in the industry as a market leader for a majority of today’s advanced Web applications. The Solaris Operating Environment meets customers’ strict demands for server uptime, and supports the most popular Web site-development and e-business tools, such as ColdFusion and the Mercantec SoftCart E-Commerce suite.

There are three major features of the VPS: platform, applications, and managed services. The platform features the reliable and scalable Solaris Operating Environment, offering the widest enterprise-application support of any UNIX flavor. This, combined with Verio’s VPS technology, provides unparalleled isolation, resulting in high-level data protection, security and flexibility in a shared-hardware environment. In addition, Verio VPS allows customers to choose from a variety of Web-development applications, including ColdFusion, Active Server Pages, Java, Mercantec SoftCart, hosted Oracle databases, as well as the ability to support the customer’s own applications. Further, VPS includes triple-data backups, round-the-clock monitoring services, and managed security services.

Not only does the Verio VPS offer a complete Web solution at a fraction of the price of comparable managed solutions, the product serves as an alternative to scarce information technology personnel and enables reduced time-to-market for new businesses. This flexibility makes Verio VPS a reliable and powerful solution to support growing businesses.

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