and Team up in a Joint Venture to Market New Lead Generating Affiliate Solution – Business and Team up in a Joint Venture to Market New Lead Generating Affiliate Solution – Business – Brief Article announced the signing of a joint venture agreement with Kassar Enterprises, founder of, an affiliate and merchant network. The companies will jointly own a new division of SearchHound, called Leadhound LLC, to manage and build the already established Leadhound network worldwide, in addition to providing SearchHound’s growing community of 1.5 million webmasters a new lead-generating solution for their Web sites.

Leadhound is an established leader in the affiliate marketing arena and pay-for-performance marketing. The two companies have joined in order to provide marketers and business owners with additional sources for targeted traffic on a pay-per-sale, lead, impression, or click basis through a variety of advertising methods and tools.

Unlike most affiliate systems, marketers and business owners can join the Leadhound network as a merchant with no setup fees or monthly charges. The network allows merchants to easily promote their products and services through affiliates all over the Web and track their results. Marketers and business owners only pay for results, which makes Leadhound a very cost-effective advertising solution. Leadhound also has robust fraud control and statistical analysis for leads and sales.

Individuals and businesses can also sign up to be an affiliate, allowing them to pick and choose from various merchant programs. By becoming an affiliate, individuals and businesses can earn additional revenue from the traffic that comes to their site by converting content into revenue generating links.

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