Attunity Delivers Java Application integration for Compaq OpenVMS

Attunity Delivers Java Application integration for Compaq OpenVMS – Brief Article

Attunity Ltd., a provider of e-business and B2B integration solutions. announced an extended agreement with Compaq Computer Corp. that enables the computer giant to embed Attunity Connect JDBC access into its Alpha-based Open VMS enterprise systems.

The advanced information infrastructure integration software of Attunity Connect extends Open VMS systems, making them an ideal platform for B2B and c-business initiatives.

Attunity Connect’s native JDBC implementation enables Compaq users to connect their existing enterprise systems with new B2C and B2B systems. With the extended agreement — which represents a team effort built on an ongoing successful marketing alliance between the companies — Compaq can satisfy an ever-increasing demand for integration of back-office systems with new Web applications.

Attunity Connect software enables B2B and Web applications to access and integrate information and applications across multiple platforms and over the Internet. Enterprises can use this universal integration capability to incorporate their existing applications and business processes as-is into new B2B solutions.

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