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Lisa Thomas


Do It Your Way. You can alter the Switchboard computer-keyboard layout to suit your specific needs. The alphabetic, numeric, and cursor keypads are independent modules that can be rearranged to form six different layouts. Additional modules are also available. This device is Apple-, IBM-, and Mac-compatible. $239.95. From Datadesk, 314 Eton Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311; (800) 328-2337.

Rolodex-Ready Business Cards. These convenient Cardwear Strips eliminate the hassle of having to transfer information from business cards onto Rolodex cards. Simply attach the self-adhesive strip and your cards are ready to be filed. Use the strips when handling out your own business cards to prospective clients. $6 for 100 strips or $15 for 300. From Izer International, 7961 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90048; (800) 422-4432.

Take a Stand. Free up desk space by putting your printer or your facsimile machine on this mobile Laser Printer/Fax Stand. Its features include a pull-out drawer and adjustable shelves for supplies. The stand will hold printers or fax machines as large as 17 11/16 by 17 11/16 inches and up to 75 pounds. $199.95. From Ring King Visibles Inc., P.O. Box 599, 2210 Second Ave., Muscatine, IA 52761-0599; (319) 263-8144.

Call It Convenience. The Dial Master 450 reduces dialing time and eliminates dialing errors. Select an entry and place the speaker grille against the phone mouthpiece. It stores up to 450 names and numbers, and includes a secret function for confidential numbers, a card key that automatically dials your calling-card number, and an answering-machine beeperless remote function. If that’s not enough, Dial master 450 is also a full-function calculator. Two batteries included. $89.95. From Sharp Electronics Corp., 10 Sharp Plaza, Paramus, NJ 07652; (800) 237-4277.

Stuck on Faxes. Save time and money by attaching a Fax Transmission Post-It Note to your document instead of sending a separate cover sheet. The yellow paper won’t clog fax machines and will not leave any markings on the original when removed. Each package contains 600 Post-Its (six pads). $19.04 for 4- by 3-inch notes, $36.24 for 8- by 3-inch notes. From Caddylak Systems, Inc., 131 Heartland Blvd., Brentwood, NY 11717-0698; (800) 523-8060.

A Handy Wipe. Changing the toner cartridge and cleaning residue from your copying machine can be messy tasks. TonerWipes have a special coating that will effectively remove toner residue from copier and printer paper paths, clothes, and carpets. $6.95 for 15 wipes or $15.95 for 40 wipes. From PerfectData Corp., 1825 Surveyor Ave., Simi Valley, CA 93063; (805) 581-4000.

LISA THOMAS, editorial coordinator for HOME-OFFICE COMPUTING, knows an office essential when she sees one.

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