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MindManager Business Edition – Software Review

MindManager Business Edition – Software Review – Evaluation

Dave Johnson

PEOPLE TEND TO THINK VISUALLY, HENCE THE cliche of grabbing a napkin to refine an inspiration. MindManager ($169, multi-user licenses available; 877-MINDJET, acts as a digital napkin, a graphical tool for turning ideas into clean and professional graphics.

MindManager helps you convert your thoughts into plans using an object-oriented drawing program. As you brainstorm, you add spokes to a central idea and assign relationships among subtopics, then add clip art and color. The finished product is a far cry from hasty scribbles, and you can export the results to the Web and PowerPoint.

We learned the ins and outs of MindManager quickly–it’s a lot like using PowerPoint or Visio. We were impressed with how credible MindManager could make our ideas look with minimal effort, but that suggests a danger: good-looking ideas aren’t always the best ones.


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Rating: 8

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