Hello, my name is … – Name Tag Kit, computer software from PowerUp! Software Corp – Software Review – evaluation

Joey Latimer

Name Tag Kit

Rating: * * *

AT A GLANCE: Useful and simple name-tag and label-making software; accepts data from existing databases.

DOCUMENTATION: Good; available at all times from within the program.

ERROR HANDLING: Very good; had no problems.

EASE OF USE: Menu-driven on-screen instructions and help are accessible at all times.

SUPPORT: Toll-free, helpful, and knowledgeable phone support.




SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 384K IBM compatible; one drive; CGA, EGA, VGA, Hercules; DOS 2.0 or higher; 5.25-inch

PUBLISHER: Power Up! Software Corp., 2929 Campus Dr., San Mateo, CA 94403; (415) 345-5900

Name Tag Kit comes with everything you need to quickly design and print name tags. The software comes with 100 peel-off name stickers and 100 card-stock tags and plastic holders. Also in the package is a pamphlet detailing program setup and installation, instructions and help screens, and information about free telephone technical support. Instead of a printed manual, there are clearly written instructions, which are accessed from within the program and can be read virtually any time you are using it. If you already have an existing name and address list that was created using a database, word-processing, or mailing-label program, then you can avoid rekeying the information into Name Tag Kit by using its import feature. I already had a mailing list entered into PFS: First Choice (an integrated software package) and easily and successfully imported this information.

Name Tag Kit also lets you bring in information in either word-processing format, with each field on a separate line followed by a carriage return, or fixed format, with each field set at a fixed length and the record ending with a carriage return. Most programs use one of these formats. Each file can store up to 2,000 records.

After you have entered or imported the information into Name Tag Kit, you can search for names, mark individual names or blocks of names, sort them alphabetically, and print them onto name tags or mailing labels. Name Tag Kit provides six standard formats and six that can be customized. One standard format, for example, lets you print a host message (such as “Hello, my name is . . .”) and whatever additional data you want to appear on each label.

Name Tag Kit can really save time when it comes to making high-quality name-tag badges. In fact, I’m going to recommend Name Tag Kit to the conference center where I work.

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