Big View in a Thin Package – ViewSonic VP150 ViewPanel LCD Display

Big View in a Thin Package – ViewSonic VP150 ViewPanel LCD Display – Product Announcement

Lisa Arndt

ViewSonic ViewPanel VP150

Do you find yourself working at the far corner of your desk, taunted by a bulky monitor that hogs your precious work space? Before you buy a bigger desk, check out ViewSonic’s VP150 flat panel (ViewSonic, 800-888-8583,; $995).

A mere seven inches wide at the base, this 15-inch active-matrix display saves plenty of desk space. And if you want to reclaim your desk completely, you can mount the VP150 on your wall with some optional accessories.

The VP150 offers resolutions up to 1,024 by 768, an 0.29mm dot pitch, and supports 16.2 million colors. Operating at 50Hz to 77Hz, it offered a flicker-free image that didn’t strain our eyes. After we’d used the screen for several weeks, colors were still absolutely magnificent, though some images weren’t quite crisp and clean at first. But after tweaking the image settings, we sharpened our graphics considerably.

Not only does the VP150 deliver great color, ViewSonic backs it with a three-year warranty and a 48-hour Express Exchange Service option. Does the price tag outweigh your CRT’s smirking from its corner? Take a long, hard look.

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