WaveSplitter’s Pump Laser Combiner Demonstrates Exceptional Reliability

WaveSplitter’s Pump Laser Combiner Demonstrates Exceptional Reliability – Brief Article

WaveSplitter Technologies, a supplier of fiber optic components and modules for advanced optical networks, announced several important milestones in the reliability testing of its fused fiber WavePump pump laser combiner. First, a second-generation shorter package has successfully passed what is believed to the be the world’s most demanding power handling testing for a pump combiner, handling 11 Watts for greater than 20 hours and 2 Watts at an elevated temperature for greater than 2,000 hours. The WavePump has also passed all the Telcordia GR-1221 qualification requirements for an uncontrolled environment. Finally, as part of ongoing reliability testing, the pump combiner has passed the milestone of 4,500 hours in an 85[degrees] Celsius and 85 percent relative humidity environment.

The WavePump provides a cost-efficient way to increase amplifier power by combining the output of multiple pump laser diodes. By using an all-fiber design, the input power always remains in the fiber, resulting in low insertion loss, low polarization dependent loss, and extremely high power handling capability. The channel spacing and desired wavelengths can be easily customized during the manufacturing process, creating flexibility in testing new amplifier designs. WaveSplitter has also automated key steps of the manufacturing process, allowing large-scale production with tightened process distributions.

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