CityNet Launches Last-Mile Fiber Optic Network in Indianapolis – CityNet Telecommunications, deployed through sewers

CityNet Launches Last-Mile Fiber Optic Network in Indianapolis – CityNet Telecommunications, deployed through sewers – Brief Article

CityNet Telecommunications recently inaugurated the deployment of a fiber optic network through the city of Indianapolis’ existing sewer system — a first in Indianapolis. Mayor Peterson and CityNet Telecommunications CEO, Robert G. Berger, marked the historic event at a ceremony where they lowered CityNet’s Sewer Access Module (SAM) through a manhole into the first sewer pipe. The event put into motion a revolution in broadband connectivity for Indianapolis.

Indianapolis joins Albuquerque and Omaha as one of the first US cities to begin deploying fiber optic networks through sewers. Other cities that have signed agreements for similar deployments include Scottsdale, St. Paul, Fort Worth, and Vienna, Austria, with another 25 US and international cities currently negotiating agreements. With CityNet, Indianapolis begins closing the last-mile gap in the all-fiber optic broadband network — the space currently occupied by older and slower copper cables — between end-user buildings and the large beltway fiber optic rings that circle around cities. CityNet’s sole focus is to replace that copper bottleneck with the gold standard of broadband communications mediums: fiber optics.

SAM is equipped with state-of-the-art video cameras that CityNet’s technical crews use to navigate the sewer pipes. SAM first installs stainless steel clamps to support both a special conduit and the actual fiber optic cable inside small sewer pipes. The conduit that encases the fiber is made of the same stainless steel alloy that protects the fiber from corrosion and cuts. The 6×36 inch cylindrical robots are manufactured exclusively for CityNet by its strategic technology partner, Ka-Te Systems AG, a Swiss sewer robotics company.

CityNet’s technology is the world’s only non-invasive in-sewer deployment solution, avoiding the need to drill or in any way impact the structure of small, non-man-accessible sewer pipes. CityNet also has developed an exclusive relationship with CableRunner North America LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Vienna, Austria Water & Sewer Agency, to deploy CableRunner’s patented in-sewer fiber optic deployment technology for man-accessible sewer pipes.

Together with these two strategic technology partners, CityNet offers the first and only complete in-sewer fiber optic network deployment solution to build last-mile fiber optic networks.

As a part of the agreement, CityNet will monitor the sewers’ condition once installation is completed, and the company will pay the city 2.5 percent of its gross revenues from leasing the fiber optic cables inside the sewer pipes to its customers (carriers and network service providers). CityNet also will regularly clean the sewers and perform any necessary maintenance on the sewer pipes it uses.

CityNet’s technology partner Alcatel, a global leader in fiber optics, telecommunications, and networking, provides the special conduit and fiber cables for the sewer environment. CityNet partner Carter-Burgess, one of the premier engineering and construction management firms in the US, helps CityNet manage the construction and engineering of its networks.

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